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True Pigments currently has two main product offerings. Reclaimed Earth Colors is a set of oil paints made from the pollution extracted from Sunday Creek. We also are creating small batches of raw pigment. Once our Truetown facility becomes fully operational, we plan to offer wholesale pigments, too. We also offer educational opportunities that explain acid mine drainage (AMD), how our process works, and the science behind it.


True Pigments unveiled a limited-edition oil paint set that Gamblin Artists Colors created from acid mine drainage (AMD) in March 2020. Our True Pigments team sent more than a thousand pounds of AMD pigment harvested from southeast Ohio streams to Portland, OR, where Gamblin created the paint.

“Every speck of pigment in these tubes has been painstakingly reclaimed from waters tainted by iron released from [coal] mines,” according to the packaging on Reclaimed Earth Colors, the paints that Gamblin created from the discharge. Gamblin is based in Portland.

This was the second paint collaboration between the True Pigments team and Gamblin. Back in 2018, we created one run of Reclaimed Earth Violet oil paint that was used as a reward in our Kickstarter campaign that helped fund our research at the Corning Discharge.

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The box set includes three colors: Brown Ochre, Rust Red, and Iron Violet, and it comes complete with a ready-to-use primed painting surface crafted from sustainably harvested North American birch.

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Raw Pigments

red (Hematite)

Three pigments are currently being produced in small batches. These pigments were developed in partnership with Gamblin Artists Colors and used in oil paints for fine art.

ochre yellow (Goethite)

As we continue building more relationships with product manufacturers, we may produce additional shades using our natural, sustainable process.

earth violet (Hematite II)

Our natural methods of color creation include harvesting the pigment in an environmentally friendly manner, air drying, and in some cases heating the pigment to produce various shades with the consistency necessary for industrial applications.

Wholesale raw Pigments

At this time, we are unable to fulfill wholesale orders. Once our full-scale facility at Truetown becomes operational, projected in January 2023, we will have the capability to produce more than 2 million pounds of pigment each year. If you are interested in wholesale purchasing, please contact us at info@truepigments.com.


Do you want to experience True Pigments first hand? Watershed tours are available. Facility tours coming soon! 

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